For most of my archaeology courses there is no compulsory reading other than those articles and such like that are provided during the class itself. However, if you want to do some general reading outside of the class then a magazine is not a bad place to start.

There are three magazines I tend to recommend to all of my classes as good general reads that are a useful way of keeping up to date with the latest news and research within archaeology. These are all UK-based (there are other archaeology magazines published in other countries obviously) and readily available in this country.

  1. Current Archaeology is an independent magazine that describes itself as aiming to “bridge the gap between the amateur and the professional in archaeology.” The content focuses first and foremost on British archaeology and, whilst the information comes from the archaeologists involved with those projects, the writing has a popular, easy-to-read feel.
  2. Current World Archaeology is it’s sister magazine which, as the title suggests, applies the same approach to world archaeology rather than just that from Britain.
  3. British Archaeology is published by the Council for British Archaeology. As the name suggests, the main focus is on the archaeology of Britain.

All of these are available via subscription and they also may be sometimes found in newsagents and supermarkets.

In addition to these, archaeology appears as occasional features in other readily available magazines such as National Geographic, New Scientist, and BBC History so these are also worth keeping an eye out for.