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The latest edition of Current World Archaeology features two articles that may be of interest to learners on ‘The Viking World’ and ‘Mediterranean Europe 800 – 500 BC’ courses running this term in Leicestershire.

Those on ‘The Viking World’ course may wish to read ‘The Viking enigma: raiders, traders, or both?’ by Gareth Williams, curator of the upcoming Vikings exhibition at the British Museum in London. The exhibition runs from 6th March – 22nd June 2014. To find out how to book tickets, check out their website.

Those on the ‘Mediterranean Europe’ course may wish to read the piece on the ‘Glorious Warriors’ of the Ural Steppe by Leonid Yablonsky. Whilst we will not be dealing specifically with the Sarmatians, they are of a similar time period and are a good comparison for the Scythians who will be mentioned during the course.