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How did the city state of Rome come to dominate so much of Europe and beyond? We will follow the story of Rome’s expansion through conquest and alliance, the wars against Carthage, and the civil wars that racked the Republic as individuals fought for power, finally culminating in the accession of the first Emperor.

You can still enrol for this course, which starts Wednesday 24th September (1.30 – 3.30pm) either online or with the Leicester Branch office.

Whilst it is not essential to do any background reading before the course begins, you may find it useful to do so. The reading list below contains books that you can read. You don’t have to read all of these. Indeed, we don’t specify any that you must read. Instead, these are readings you can use to gain a preliminary understanding of topics, as well as to study in more depth those parts of the course you are particularly interested in. You may also want to take a look at magazines such as British Archaeology, World Archaeology and Current Archaeology.


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Caesar. The Conquest of Gaul (Published by Penguin Classics etc)

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Polybius. The Histories (Published by Oxford World Classics etc)


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