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In Autumn 2014, ULAS archaeologists returned to a site in Leicester, that they first investigated in 2012, to carry out a second phase of work. The site is on the corner of Highcross Street and Vaughan Way, between All Saints’ Church and the John Lewis multistory car-park. In 2012, archaeologists excavated seven trenches in order to characterise the extent and date of any archaeology on the site as part of a strategy to aid its redevelopment. Unfortunately, several derelict buildings still standing on the site at the time prevented a full investigation. So, in 2014 archaeologists returned to excavated two new trenches close to Highcross Street, finding further evidence of Roman and medieval Leicester.

All-Saints (1) The site during work in 2012. View from the John Lewis car park with All Saint’s church behind the trees on the right.

A substantial find of the original excavation was the largest fragment of Roman…

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