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An interesting insight into the other burials at Greyfriars for those who have been following the Richard III story.


King Richard III was not the only person to be buried inside the Grey Friars church in Leicester. Over the course of the 2012 and 2013 excavations, archaeologists identified a further ten potential graves inside the chancel of the church including a mysterious stone sarcophagus found close to the site of Richard III’s hastily dug grave. In 2013, archaeologists fully excavated three of these graves, two beneath the church choir and the stone sarcophagus coffin in the church’s presbytery.

The two graves inside the choir (Skeleton 3 and Skeleton 4) contained wooden coffins, whilst the grave in the presbytery was of someone buried inside a stone sarcophagus (Skeleton 5). This had been buried more or less centrally  within the space, probably fairly close to the high altar, and was clearly for someone of high status, perhaps an important patron of the friary.

skeletons2 Archaeologists carefully excavate Skeleton 3 (front) and Skeleton…

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