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Lyminge, Kent, is a picturesque village which has long been known as a site of an Anglo-Saxon royal monastery. Archaeological research now demonstrates that Lyminge is one of the best preserved monastic sites in Kent, a region where Christianity first gained a foothold in Anglo-Saxon England.

Excavations started in 2008 and are taking place on Tayne Field at the very centre of the village. This film caught up with the team in 2014 – during the final year of excavations. The film offers a chance to see the foundations of a sequence of spectacular Anglo-Saxon feasting halls and dwellings that the team has discovered.

In this film Dr Gabor Thomas also takes us through some of the beautiful artefacts and very rare fragments of early Angle Saxon glass that have been discovered and he tells us about the significance of these items to our understanding of the site. He also guides us through an extensive public engagement programme which really sets this archaeology project apart.