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March 1095 Byzantium delegation asks for Urban’s help against the Turks
November 1095 Pope Urban II preaches the First Crusade
Spring 1096 People’s Crusade leaves; 3 armies don’t make it past Hungary
August 1st 1096 Peter the Hermit and Walter Sansavoir reach Constantinople
August 15th 1096 Official start of First Crusade as set by Pope Urban II
October 6th 1096 Armies under Peter and Walter destroyed at Nicaea by Kilij Arslan
Autumn 1096 Leaders (and armies) of the official First Crusade arrive at staggered times at Constantinople. Alexius I Comnenus asks for and receives oaths of fealty and promises to return lands formerly under Byzantine control
April 1097 Crusaders cross the Bosphorus
June 19th 1097 Nicaea surrenders
June 16th – 28th 1097 Crusaders head into Asia Minor
July 1st 1097 Turks under Kilij Arslan unsuccessfully attack the crusaders at Dorlyaeum
October 21st 1097 Crusaders reach Antioch
February 6th 1098 Baldwin reaches Edessa whose prince is Thoros
March 10th 1098 Baldwin takes control of Edessa. Start of the first Latin settlement in the East
June 5th 1098 Muslim army under Kerbogha arrives and besieges the crusaders in Antioch
June 14th 1098 Crusaders believe they have found the Holy Lance
June 28th 1098 Crusaders attack besiegers and win; they then decide to wait out the summer before continuing
August 1st 1098 Adhémar of Le Puy dies, exacerbating crusaders’ leadership problems
July 15th 1099 Crusaders seize and sack Jerusalem
July 19th 1099 Pope Urban II dies, never hearing news of capture of Jerusalem
July 22nd 1099 Godfrey elected ruler of settlement at Jerusalem