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8th February – 4th June 2016
Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

A new exhibition – Valhalla – Life and Death in Viking Britain – will open on 8th February at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery.

The exhibition will give an insight into the lives of the Vikings in Britain and will feature artefacts and human skeletons that have been discovered at burial sites. Research on show will include recent evidence discovered about their beliefs in the afterlife and how Vikings commemorated and celebrated their dead. The exhibition will also include objects from working and domestic life, replica objects from boat burials and skeletal remains.

The exhibition will also showcase the Hungate and Coppergate excavations from York as specific case studies, although Shropshire’s own Viking history will also be central to the exhibition. Visitors will be able to learn the story of Hastein, an adventurer who travelled up the River Severn as far as Welshpool and is known to have raided as far afield as southern Europe and north Africa.