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In this short video, historian Dan Snow introduces the Must Farm site where archaeologists have revealed incredibly well-preserved Bronze Age dwellings. The excavation in the East Anglian fens is providing an extraordinary insight into domestic life 3,000 years ago. The settlement, dating to the end of the Bronze Age (1200-800 BC), would have been home to several families who lived in a number of wooden houses on stilts above water.

This video presents a computer-generated 3D reconstruction of two Middle Bronze Age houses discovered at Mitchelstown 1 on the route of the N8/N73 Mitchelstown Relief Road, 0.6 km north-west of Mitchelstown. The excavation by Eamonn Cotter (Eachtra Archaeological Projects) in 2004 revealed three Middle Bronze Age houses dating broadly to 1500ā€“1200 BC, two of which were digitally modelled. Based on the excavated evidence, these two houses had been built over an earlier house.

This video presents a computer-generated 3D reconstruction of a Middle Bronze Age village discovered at Ballybrowney Lower 1 on the route of the M8 Rathcormac/Fermoy Bypass scheme, some 10 km south of Fermoy town. It was excavated by Eamonn Cotter (Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd) in summer 2003. The Middle Bronze Age phase of the site consisted of three large subcircular enclosures (Enclosures 1ā€“3), one of which contained an oval house, and three unenclosed houses, dating broadly to 1700ā€“1550 BC. Late Bronze Age, Iron Age and medieval features were also excavated here.